Entrepreneur? Here Are the Blogs You Need to Read

by: Shannon McNay

Read, you say? Who has time to read?

If this was your immediate reaction to my headline, I completely understand. Hardly anyone has time to read anymore, much less someone trying to run their own business. Problem is, reading is as important as anything on your to-do list – even though it’s usually the first thing to go when a day goes haywire.

Think about how easy it is to get trapped in your own head when you work. As you spend your days putting out fires, trying to keep the lights on, and thinking of ways to grow, your brain maintains a steady pace of fight or flight. It’s almost impossible to think creatively – you’re too busy trying to survive your to-do list!

That’s where reading comes in. Reading helps you view outside perspectives, gain clarity, and increase your creative (outside of the box) thinking. All it takes is just a few minutes per day. So how can you make sure you capitalize on that time? Target your reading list. Here are a few of my must-read daily blogs:


99u will help you with all things related to productivity, networking, and bringing your ideas to life. Give yourself a little time the first time you visit the site – because there are a ton of resources you may want to dive into right away.

Blonde on a Budget

When running a business, it’s pretty easy to let everything else in your life slide. One area you want to make sure not to do that is in your personal finances. If they get out of control, you’ll have a really hard time focusing on your work. Blonde on a Budget shares the materials you need to stay on top of your finances (including budgeting spreadsheets and a printable planner!) as well as stories of how she lives on less. Come for the personal finance advice, stay for the real talk.

Careful Cents

While in the personal finance frame of mind, peruse Careful Cents to transfer that to your business finances. You’ll find advice on things like managing your taxes, convincing your clients to pay those invoices, and more. When you feel like you’ve read enough to really maximize your business finances, you can join the thriving Careful Cents community for support from other entrepreneurs just like you!


If you love to dive deep with talk on building businesses and teams the right way, then Crew is a must-read for you! Always packed with interesting studies and in-depth analyses, this blog is sure to awaken your thought process. Bookmark it, sign up for the email list, do whatever you can to remember to check back regularly for insightful and fun reads.

Kali Hawlk

Kali Hawlk is the queen of breaking out of your shell. If you find yourself bogged down with self-doubt, fear, or creative blocks, then you won’t want to miss this one. Kali uses her own experience as an entrepreneur and creative to help you through your own journey. Expect to find questions that will force you to break through excuses, discussions that feel like they were taken out of your own brain, and encouragement along the scary process of living a different kind of life.

Kayla Albert

Once you’ve had a heavy dose of introspection, complete the circle of well-being with Kayla Albert. One part personal finance blogger and one part health and wellness expert, Kayla dips into all the parts of life that eat up our mental bandwidth. Kayla can stoke the fire of motivation Kali started so you can make sure the flame doesn’t burn out. She’s just getting started with her blog (though you can find her work all over the web) but stick around – great things are going to come from this one!

So, what do you say? Why not give these blogs – and maybe a few of your own favorites – a try for one week for fifteen minutes a day? If you do, let us know how it went in the comments below. Have some blogs that you think should be mentioned here? Share those as well. Happy reading!

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