Feeling Stuck? Follow These 5 Websites for a Boost

by: Shannon McNay

I never know when it’s going to hit.

I never know how long it’s going to last.

I never know what causes it.

All I know is, when I’m staring at my computer screen with a brain devoid of words, I become convinced that it’s all over. No more ideas. No more brain. No more career. I had it, now it’s gone. It was fun while it lasted.

…okay so maybe this is a bit dramatic, but it is how I feel when I’m stuck. It starts with procrastination and quickly spirals into fears of failure, of never having another word or idea again. Once I go down that spiral, there’s a chance that my work for the day is doomed – unless I can find a way to dig myself back out.

How to Get Unstuck

If you’ve been through this before, then you probably already know how it important it is to tackle the problem fast. The longer it goes on, the harder it is to come back. In my case, I’ve found that this happens to me since I started doing creative work for a living and started to work for myself and I’ve had to diligently create a method for getting out of stuck madness.

My first method of action: read.

There’s something about reading that brings my brain back to life. It doesn’t matter what I’m reading about – it just matters that what I’m reading is thoughtful and interesting. If it is, then little glimmers of ideas and action start forming in my brain and it becomes awake and ready to go again.

Once it became clear to me how well reading works to get my brain unstuck, I started to realize that there are a few blogs and writers that work for me every time. Check ‘em out below – they just might help your brain get unstuck too!


I don’t know what exactly it is about 99U, but I find that there’s always something interesting to read on this website. The posts aren’t long, which is good if you don’t particularly love reading but want to try this method of becoming unstuck. But they are varied.

From more typical advice on how to become more productive to more in-depth topics like silencing your inner anxiety, 99U has something to offer just about anyone looking to improve in their work lives. What I like best – and the reason 99U is on this list – is that their writers always offer a unique take on whatever topic they’re tackling.

Brain Pickings

If you love to read and need to dive into more of a rabbit hole to reignite your brain, then you’ll love Brain Pickings. I hardly know what to say about this blog other than these words: inspiring, intellectual, thought-provoking, fun.

There’s no other way to categorize or explain this blog – it’s just too good. Just read it.

Crew Blog

I was first introduced to this blog when my close friend now business partner told me one of our favorite writers, Belle Beth Cooper, started to write for them. We first discovered Cooper on Buffer and fell in love with her insights and incredibly robust blog posts. No matter what she writes, she’s sure to dive into more detail than you’ve ever seen on the subject in one place – a guarantee that you’ll learn something interesting and have fun doing it.

Now she’s brought her work to Crew and the rest of their writers are equally as wonderful. Specializing in the topic of working more efficiently, this is another site that has something to offer for anyone who wants to improve in their work.

James Clear

Are you find that you’re getting stuck more and more often? Do you fear this is becoming more of a reality than actually getting work done? It could be that you need to develop new habits or conquer a fear that’s eating away at you. If so, then you should definitely read James Clear’s writing.

Like everything else on this list, Clear offers new ideas on the subjects that plagues all of us and he does it in a way that’s informative and relatable. For sure, you can actually learn something when you read his work! James Clear knows how to dive into your brain and show you what you do from an outside perspective…a surefire way to look in the mirror and tackle pernicious habits that are eating away at your work and happiness.


In-depth writing. Words to inspire. Learning how to take risks and face the challenges preventing you from living the life you want. These are the things that make Riskology so great and which are guaranteed to get my brain unstuck.

Also, the advice is easy to follow and Riskology creator Tyler Tervooren really gets introverts.

Getting Unstuck Won’t Happen On Its Own

When it comes to getting stuck, one thing you can count on is that it won’t go away on its own. Tackle that bull by the horns as soon as you can and never fall prey to the notion that it’ll get better tomorrow.

Whatever it takes to inspire you in those moments, do it right away. Make a routine out of becoming unstuck. This is a problem you can handle and sheer force of will and good habits will help you do it. Now go and get unstuck – and let us know if any of these websites help you!

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