What To Do If You Don’t Have Time To Stay in Touch

by: Shannon McNay

Do you ever tell yourself you’re going to email someone or meet them for coffee – and then a week goes by and you forget? So the next week you tell yourself the same thing – and then another week goes by? And another? And another?

This is something we all go through, especially as most people’s work days have turned into handling “quick requests” and projects that need to be done “yesterday” rather than what we actually set out to do for the day. By the time we look up and think about keeping in touch with our network, we’re exhausted – and out of time.

Here’s one trick that can help: Timebox Your Outreach

There’s always an hour or two during the week when you just aren’t as productive as you’d like to be. For me, it’s usually 2-3pm on a Friday. For you, it could be Tuesdays around 11am. Whenever it occurs, that’s the perfect time to work on your outreach.

Maybe that means meeting someone new or someone in your network for coffee. Maybe that means spending an hour sending emails. No matter how you do it, if you find the time when you’re least efficient and put it down on your calendar as outreach time, you can stay in touch with your network without ruining your productivity for the week.

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